Frequently Asked Questions

What are the quality of maps in Maps Pro?

Maps Pro uses the official Google Maps software, so the maps shown are identical to those in the official Google Maps iPhone application, and on the web at

What devices are supported?

Maps Pro works best on an iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPad with Retina display. Maps Pro does work on the iPad 3, but users may experience some slow display updates. This will be improved in a future upgrade to Maps Pro.

Is Maps Pro available for the iPhone?

No, Maps Pro is currently only designed for the iPad. We hope to release an iPhone version in the near future.

How do I open Street View?

Street View can be accessed by dragging the Street View icon (the yellow man icon) from the toolbar onto the map.
Alternatively, after selecting a place on the map and opening the marker information, press the 'Street View' button. The button will be disabled if not Street View photos can be found at the location.

How do I bookmark a place?

To bookmark a place, tap and hold on the map. A red marker will be dropped where you pressed. Tap the blue 'marker details' icon, and you will see more information about the location. To add the location to your bookmarks, press the 'Bookmark' button.

How can I put my bookmarks in different categories?

Yes - after selecting a place on the map and opening the marker information, select the 'Select Category' button to show a list of categories. The category of a bookmark can also be updated by opening the bookmark and tapping the same button.

Can I add my own categories?

Yes - after opening the category list, select 'Add category' and you can add a new category of your choosing.

How can I locate my contacts?

Open your bookmarks and select the 'Contacts' category. Any contacts that have an address stored will be shown. Note that if a contact does not have an address, you need to switch to the Contacts app and add the address to the contact before it will appear in the bookmarks.

Can I synchronise my bookmarks?

Currently bookmaks are stored locally on your iPad. They can be send via email, but cannot yet be synchronised.

Can I share my bookmarks with other users?

Yes, bookmarks can be sent via email, SMS, iMessage or via Facebook, Twitter or Weibo.

Can I copy and paste locations?

Yes - after selecting a place on the map and opening the marker information, select 'Share' then 'Copy'. A link to the location will be pasted to the clipboard.

Can I get public transport directions and times?

Yes - Maps Pro fully supports public transport directions. To get directions, press the 'Directions' button on the toolbar, enter your destination and press the 'Transit' button. If public transport data is availble in the search area, you will be shown directions for the route, and the departure and arrival times for each public transport type.

Can I get directions in miles or km?

Yes. Open the 'Settings' page from the toolbar, and you can select distances in either Miles or Kilometres.

How do I see current traffic conditions?

Open the 'Settings' page from the toolbar, and make sure the 'Show Traffic' switch is set to On. The map will show traffic conditions by showing main roads in green, orange or red.

How can locate the closest car parks?

Nearby places such as car parks can be found by pressing the Search Filter button (shown to the right of the search box in the toolbar), and changing the filter from All to a different type. To choose Car parks, press More in the list, then select 'Parking'. Press 'Show all places nearby' to seach for results, then finally press 'Show all on map' to show all of the nearby parking areas.

How do I make a more detailed search?

To make a detailed search for places near you, use the Search Filter button. This is shown to the right on the search box in the toolbar. Opening this allows you to search for specific types of places, such as restaurants or car parks, then change the filter from All to the type of place. For example, to search for nearby Thai restaurants, change the filter to Restaurant, then type Thai in the search box. Alternatively, press the 'Show all places nearby' to show all restaurants that are close the the area of the map shown.

I can't see any places after selecting 'show all on map'?

The places found may be further away from the map region shown. Try zooming out to show more places.

How can I improve the quality of the annotations?

For drawing annotations on the map, its recommended to use a capacitative pen, which is much more accurate than drawing with your finger.

How can I best position my annotations?

While the annotation editing window is shown - the square semi-transparent area - you can still move the map around by dragging outside of the editing area. This lets you draw the annotation first, then re-position the map before saving the annotation.

Can I draw with multiple colours at the same time?

Yes, simply select different colours from the panel on the right side of the screen to select different colours. The currently selected colour is highligted with a grey border.

Can I post my customised maps on Facebook?

Yes. After adding annotations to a map, press the 'Share' button on the toolbar and select 'Share' the 'Facebook'. A picture of the map will be posted on your wall.

Can I see cycle lanes?

No - Maps Pro does not yet support displaying of cycle lanes. We hope to add this in a future release.

Can I use the maps offline?

No - Maps Pro uses Google Maps which is only available online with a data connection.